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How Dr. Clo Started

Dr. Yoo, university professor and inventor of Dr. Clo, has had a lifelong passion for innovative, high-performance technology. An early interest in race cars, and years of experience as a competitive driver, taught him that high speed wasn’t the only risk racers faced. Sanitizing a steering wheel—necessary because it can collect 17 times more germs than a toilet seat—exposed drivers to inhaling toxic and potentially carcinogenic substances. So Dr. Yoo launched an R&D effort to find a better answer.

Building on the known sanitizing effects of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas, Dr. Yoo developed a controlled-release system based on proprietary nanotechnology. This enables continuous emission of ClO2 gas at a concentration level that is safe and virtually odor free, yet effectively disinfects the surrounding area. Free of carcinogenic and toxic substances, Dr. Yoo’s breakthrough would become the world’s only gel-based, ClO2 gas-emitting product to be registered by the FDA.

In the course of his work, Dr. Yoo also discovered the product he had envisioned would have applications far beyond the race track: from hospitals, clinics and food-production facilities, to offices and retail businesses, private vehicles, homes and individuals. By creating a protective shield that’s always on duty, Dr. Clo defends against pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, and against pollution created by fine dust from natural and industrial sources as well.